Greetings folks!

The Fall season has started off and building is quickly progressing!  Almost two weeks of construction have passed on the first house and the second house is set to begin construction in the next couple of weeks.

This season is very exciting because Community Rebuilds has added a second house to our four month semester!  This fall will see the construction of the 6th and 7th Moab Community Rebuilds homes.  Twice the number of building projects calls for twice the volunteers and so CR is housing all 16 interns on at a new location!  The house is nicknamed “The Campus” and it has been an extra bonus to work on and design our own living space in addition to our straw bale home building.

The house now underway is for Moab resident Andrea, who has lived here for about 20 years raising two daughters.  Her trailer was demolished and the materials recycled to help with pre-foundation construction as well as some bed making by and for community rebuilders at The Campus! Andrea’s property has a garden and a yurt that are strongly linked to her new house and the overall landscape.

The two houses will have separate pages once both are underway and have builders from each build blogging about the progress.

Blogging to you for Andrea’s build will be Jeff and Jeremy(That’s Us!).

For now we have some pictures of construction and some of the crew and we will be attempting to keep up with the CR blog multiple times a week!

Enjoy the photos and feel free to ask questions!

New Tools for the second build crew!
rebar foundation
Our form and rebar isset up and ready forconcrete
photo (2)
Chris using the Wacker Packer to tamp down the soil
Massive mounds of gravel awaiting to be spread out
Massive mounds of gravel awaiting to be spread out
Concrete was poured and smoothed over just yesterday!
Concrete was poured and smoothed over just yesterday!
The concrete was striped today, footers were put in and the gravel got spread! Only hitch was that we may have gotten a little too much gravel.
Blogging specialist Jeremy moving some pipe
Blogging specialist Jeff exercising his observational skills….

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    Holding and monitoring is what firemen call it

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