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Devil in the Details

A large truck squeezes down the driveway to dump a full load of dirt onto the build site. This brown sandy mountain sits next to the smaller mountain of clay we harvested the day before for the first plaster coat. Both of these piles lie a comfortable ten feet away from the heaping pile of … Continue reading


Do it right, and do it well

It takes an amazing amount of foresight to build a home. A plot of land can be a blank slate- and when done with intention- transformed in to a space both functional and beautiful in form for active and healthy lives. It’s taken a lot of mental stretching to wrap my brain around how the … Continue reading

Red rock, demolition, and Moab

Red rock, demolition, and Moab; and thus the spring 2015 season of Community Rebuilds began. Interns have descended from across state and national lines to the harsh and exceptionally beautiful landscape of Southern Utah. As diverse as the regions in which we inhabit, sixteen unique strangers have come together with different ideals and lifestyles. We … Continue reading

The End

This Sunday, everyone rallied at Melissa and Randy’s home for 3 hours of balls to the wall finish plastering and floor pouring. Warning: This blog post contains sentimental group photos. I can neither confirm nor deny that they may bring a tear to your eye.


Finishing touches, nearly touching the finish

At this stage of the build daily projects seem at once huge and small. With finish plasters going up and adobe floors being poured, it’s easy to forget about the little things like fixtures and face-plates. Hand in hand, these big and little things work together to make a home whole.

Porscha gets those hard to reach places.

Blue tadelakt

Thanks to Liz Johndrow of Earthen Endeavors for taking these beautiful photos of Porscha and Josh Doucette’s blue tadelakt shower.


Black tadelakt

Thanks to Melissa Beaury – one of our homeowners this fall – for these great photos of her and Randy’s beautiful Tadelakt shower. This weekend students spend countless hours with Ryan Chivers and Liz Johndrow, two plaster masters and extraordinary teachers. Why the countless hours? Liz and Ryan have been teaching us about tadelakt. Tadelakt … Continue reading

A beautiful yellow color wash beneath a corrugated metal roof with - wait! Are those solar panels?! YES!

Yellow Friday

Just a short post today. This year we are spending The Day After Thanksgiving turning this beautiful home for Melissa and Randy YELLOW. Throw some brightness into your Friday!

Photo by Mia Krakowski

Productive Patterns

(Written by Jake Egelhoff) It’s been a month filled with mud, frost, and volunteering. The weeks go by and the days become increasingly shorter. We’re left with most of our attentions facing inward—toward sealing up the remainder of these homes on the inside. On some days the progress feels gradual, particularly when I’m focused on … Continue reading

photo 5

Brevity, Balance, and Bales

(Written by Jake Egelhoff) Time has felt more or less elastic these past few weeks—stretching and shrinking depending on the day or week’s task. It moves on incessantly as my hands seem to work without inhibitions or commands, and is marked only by the mounting structure that meets us under a sun that creeps up … Continue reading


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