Homeowner Chad and Intern Claire prepare the bathrooms for tile

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Homeowner Chad and Intern Claire prepare the bathrooms for tile

Mount Crested Butte Team Meets Moab Team

Moab, Utah.  I’d never been here on my few cross country tours.  Needless to say, the view is quite exhilarating.  After a four hour van ride with the whole crew, all of our things, and too much food, we stopped for a brief moment to take in the Moab sunshine.  The view (to mention it … Continue reading

Outside the straw bale build with the team

Mount Crested Butte, Colorado

Seventy nine days ago, I was still confused about what was happening in my life.  You never know what’s really happening to you — however, you are compelled to do things, and when you do them, those decisions put you wherever you are. So, here I am — an intern for six months at Community Rebuilds in Gunnison, … Continue reading


Why will you come to Moab?

I wish I could rediscover CR with fresh eyes; entirely unknowing of what the internship would mean. With each month this program gets richer in its value to me. I struggle at the thought of leaving my window filled with La Sals & globe mallow in bloom. But I’ll share what I have discovered thus … Continue reading


First Month Down

The first month of Community Rebuilds Spring 2016. What the heck are we doing out here in the desert? We are working to improve the housing situation for members of the Moab low-income community by demolishing two pre-1976 mobile homes and building modest straw-bale houses in their place.   We are soaking up the sun and … Continue reading


First Week

Our community rebuilds internship started last week on an unusually snowy day. There are 16 of us interns, 2 apprentices, 2 building managers and a small office staff. All of the interns live together in a big house. Home life is surprisingly smooth considering I’ve never lived with 15 other people. I love that we … Continue reading


Alumni Spotlight: All Is Process

Hello Sister-Brother. I thought I would write this in the ethereal style of the blogs I wrote as a bright-eyed intern builder. So I did. Three years later. We come to the program for different reasons, but there are patterns of arrival and there is overlap. I came for footing, for community, for a sense … Continue reading

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.07.36 PM

Alumni Spotlight: From Lincoln Logs To Poultry Palace

It’s hard to believe it’s only been about a year since my internship with Community Rebuilds. I remember our first day like it was yesterday. Meeting a bunch of strangers from all over the country who I would be living and working with was a little nerve-wracking, yet exciting. Although we came from a wide … Continue reading


Alumni Spotlight: Scott Solinko

As the current Community Rebuilds semester is approaching it’s graduation date, I can’t help but to think about where my path has taken me since sitting on the beach of the Colorado river five months ago. Even though I haven’t seen most of my fellow interns during the past months, there isn’t day that goes … Continue reading


Building Our Home

It’s evening and a weekend, and so I’m alone at our property, where our Community Rebuilds home is weeks away from completion. I am making my first solo attempts at tiling. Usually when I come here to work on the house, it’s during the day and there are interns and staff here as well. Community … Continue reading


Advice from a seasoned intern.

I originally moved to this beautifully strange town in the middle of Utah’s high alpine desert to work towards a tangible goal while escaping the monotonous pace of traditional college lecture coursework. After sixteen years of schooling I was over sitting in classrooms listing to someone blabber and hypothesize about make change happen meanwhile nothing … Continue reading


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