Welcome Home Lorenzo!


Welcome home Lorenzo! After 4 months of building, Community Rebuilds wrapped up work on Lorenzo McGregor the Third’s beautiful new strawbale house (Community Rebuilds 5th!) and officially welcomed him into his new home and neighborhood with an open house on June 20. What was a house is now a home. Though Lorenzo won’t fully move into his home until raft guiding season is over (he’s a raft guide, in case you didn’t catch that), we have turned over the keys and will no longer be in his house everyday.

It feels really good to have accomplished what may appear to be a small task – building a single home for a single guy in a big big world. But the truth of the matter is that everything we do has an impact in this world. Each building we build with forethought and awareness sets an example that we can build not only with minimized energy consumption, but also with increased connection to the natural elements that form our home. Each project that we undertake with a commitment to community involvement brings us a step closer to a fully connected community. Every thing that we do to improve our lives and the lives of others has immeasurable impact on everyone we come in contact with.

I feel fortunate to have worked for Community Rebuilds. I learned an incredible amount about building and about how to design a site-appropriate, energy-wise (think passive solar building design) home with locally harvested materials. More importantly, I entered into a community of people with a commitment to living mindfully and building in an ecologically (and financially) sensible way. I feel fortunate to have met our awesome Executive Director Emily, our awesome building instructor team Eric and Kate, awesome support staff Jessica, my 7 awesome co-interns, our homeowner Lorenzo, and all the awesome community members, friends, and businesses who support Community Rebuilds work and make it a real community organization. For all of you out there reading, please keep supporting Community Rebuilds in any way you can – come by the building site, learn more about passive solar building design, tell your friends about us, or donate to Community Rebuilds.

Here are a few pictures of the building at completion for you to enjoy! Check back in the next few days for a detailed photo album of the full build!

South facing windows for solar heat gain!

South facing windows for solar heat gain!

Kitchen island and living room.

Kitchen island and living room.

The kitchen.

The kitchen.

Built-in bookshelf.

Built-in bookshelf.

Master bath.

Bookshelf and the truth window.
Bookshelf and the truth window.
And a happy crew!

And the crew!

One Response to “Welcome Home Lorenzo!”
  1. Yoshi-girl from Hong Kong,China says:

    I like the way you guys work together and those houses rebuilt are awesome!

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