This post was written by Spring 2017 intern, Sam Totten. Springtime is well underway here in marvelous Moab. As the mercury continues to rise, the CR team is starting earlier in the morning so we can balance our work and play. The first of the mulberries are ripening on the trees and throngs of tourists … Continue reading

Hello World

Post by Spring 2017 Intern, Marcus Henderson. Hello world, My name is Marcus and I am an intern here at Community Rebuilds (CR). I’ve only been here for three weeks but I am already falling in love with CR and Moab. On our third day here, all the CR interns and staff hiked the Portal … Continue reading

Mount Crested Butte Recap

This post is a summary of Community Rebuilds’ duplex project in Mount Crested Butte by intern Laura Moore. Community Rebuilds is a non-profit organization that builds affordable housing using straw bale construction. We were provided with housing, bulk foods, and a monthly stipend in return for our labor in building a straw bale home from … Continue reading

The Basics of Natural Building: Bringing Low Carbon Homes to the Forefront of Energy Efficient Construction

  (This article was written for Community Rebuilds by Kaitlin Krull of As the construction industry develops and changes, the focus on energy efficiency and environmental consciousness continues to grow. While technology and home automation remain a priority for the vast majority of energy conscious contractors, a small but significant number of construction professionals … Continue reading

Community Rebuilds as a Community Resource

As Community Rebuilds continues to grow, we strive to find more ways to act as a resource for the communities we serve. We do this primarily through organizational transparency and our ever-expanding alumni network. So what do we mean by organizational transparency? Simply put, we freely share what we do, and we allow others the … Continue reading

Then And Now

Hello all – Jerry here. Longtime readers of this blog might remember me from Community Rebuild’s early history, when I was an intern for the second and third Moab builds. Well I’m back! I’m interning on the current build in Crested Butte. I guess that I just can’t get enough of strawbales… Coming back to … Continue reading

Do you know your Farmer?

The visit to Farmer Dave’s farm in Fruita, CO was awesome! He is such a smart person.  He learns things by himself by just talking to other people, reading books and trying whatever he thinks may work. He showed us some of the things he’s been experimenting while building his own natural home and I was so impressed … Continue reading

Amazing Day Off

Today on our day off a few of us decided to go for a hike (little did I know what I was in for). The goal was to summit Manns Peak at 12,272 ft. We drove up to approximately 10,000 ft and started the hike along Burro Pass Trail, of course listing our names in … Continue reading

Foundation Process

The Community Rebuilds straw bale build in Crested Butte, Colorado. We are building a 3 story duplex for two families, here is the process we went through to build our foundation. 1. Concrete Form Our first job was to build the form for the concrete.This was a very tedious process because you have to get … Continue reading


If you want to get something done right, you don’t do it yourself.  You do it with other people at a turtle’s pace.  Slow and steady wins the race.  This week, we finished the foundation(s) for both Daniela and Andrew’s homes.  We learned that when you try to jump around and speed through tasks like … Continue reading