Alumni Spotlight | Leslie Witter

From raising the roof to raising the roots I interned with Community Rebuilds in 2013 during a period of career transition and exploration into what kind of work I might want to do related to sustainable lifestyles.  I learned so much (both about community dynamics and construction) and enjoyed getting to stretch well out of … Continue reading

Alumni Spotlight – Cheryl Corsiglia

I was an intern in 2010, during the second half of the first ever CR build. The first house was completed in 8 months, instead of 4. Our crew came in for the bale stacking, floor, plasters, and interior framing and finishes. For a few years after leaving Moab, I never felt strongly motivated by … Continue reading

Alumni Spotlight – Lindsey Love

I was one of the first CR interns in 2010.  I went to architecture school because I wanted to help folks design/build their own shelter and have taken on as many building opportunities as possible intermittent from an architectural apprenticeship, co-managing an all-women’s build for Kleiwerks International, building my own straw bale home, and working … Continue reading

Alumni Spotlight | Kenya Wright

Life Since CR I completed my CR semester at the end of last June. The next six months consisted of traveling through the US while living an ultra freelance life in Brooklyn. I took my Moab lessons on minimalism to the consumerist hub of America while planning my next contributions to affordable and sustainable housing. January brought … Continue reading

Alumni Spotlight | Josh Raff

Life in the Trees I interned with Community Rebuilds in the Spring 14 semester and the experience was life altering. I left Moab with no real plan, besides working in the Red River Gorge so I could be back in my home state and climb as much as possible for the remainder of the year. … Continue reading