After the Planner’s Desk: Kenny’s reflection on the other side of his CR service.

“My experience as a VISTA with Community Rebuilds (CR) is something I will cherish for a long time. When I arrived in Moab, I was warmly welcomed by the CR workers and the constellation of friends and allies that has sprung up around them. They are more than just cheerful collaborators. They are good friends and cultivate a mix of personal and professional development that I don’t think happens in many other places. My year of service helped me to keep growing after graduating architecture school. Anyone interested in sustainable design or construction would also grow, while learning about the behind-the-scenes action of nonprofit housing development.

The projects I worked on varied in scale from coordinating the stages of land development to leading the process of designing new home models and making their construction drawings. I also helped build CR’s capacity by assisting in the Living Building Challenge certification process and creating new graphics and flyers for different kinds of clients. Outreach opportunities came in the form of speaking at local governmental meetings and representing CR at Moab Area Housing Task Force meetings. As a VISTA, I was able to learn things about building community in the field that aren’t taught in most schools. If you work with CR, you become part of what is fun and special about Moab. I’m glad I served here, and I’m eager to see CR continue to build a future for all of us.”

– ​Kenny Fallon Jr.
AmeriCorps VISTA Planning and Development Coordinator | ​September 2019 – September 2020

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