Molly’s AmeriCorps VISTA Story

My first task at Community Rebuilds was to choose my office space. I walked into the two story straw bale Bunkhouse and entered a room called the “Vision”. I became lost in the celestial plaster design; peaches folding into sky blues with a stream of stones in flowing patterns. I immediately knew this service year was going to be a different kind of 9-5. 

The creativity bursting from the individuals and physical spaces at Community Rebuilds is as much inspiring as it is inclusive. As the Fundraising Coordinator AmeriCorps VISTA, I was here to work 40 hours a week grant writing, managing donor databases, and planning events – but I ended up doing so much more. I was given the freedom to develop fundraising campaigns I was passionate about. I produced, drew, and animated marketing videos for CR. I told stories through grants, marketing materials, and conversations. Not unlike the build team at CR, the office team and culture leave space for innovation, visioning, and building beautiful things as well. 

I am grateful for getting the opportunity to dive into the community of Moab through the AmeriCorps VISTA experience. I grew immensely personally and professionally and was able to contribute to the sustainability of Community Rebuilds’ operations. I would recommend this position to anyone interested in storytelling, affordable housing, nonprofit operations, environmental justice, and building community.

-Molly Gurney
AmeriCorps VISTA Fundraising Coordinator | ​October 2020– October 2021

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