These Moments Were Priceless

A Homeowner’s Success Story

When Community Rebuilds contacted me about  building  a home, I had been living in Moab for quite a bit of time. I have always loved it here and  was looking to settle down, and stick around for a while.   I quickly realized I was priced out of the housing market in Moab.  The timing could not have been better. Otherwise, I was going to have to move away.

It all happened so fast. The build team was incredible, full of knowledge, helpful, and full of original ideas.  When I first met the apprentices I admit I was concerned. From what I understood the number of people was about half the normal size CR crew, and we were building four houses. I worked alongside them and watched as they developed into amazing craftspersons. They  did the work of a crew more than twice their numbers.  Once the “smoke cleared” and I moved into my new home; I was able to reflect, and truly appreciate how the office staff played an intricate part of the entire experience. Words can not describe how truly thankful I am to the office staff and for all that they did.  I am so very fortunate to have met and worked with everyone involved. 
During  the build the weather was often horrendous. So cold, so windy. It was so cold the air compressor froze a few times.  It seemed we were all looking for a spot to work in areas where the sun was shining.  Despite the weather, everyone was there every day, in good spirits, and worked so hard.  

What stands out the most from the whole experience was the open house. Sharing our finished work with the community brought a strong feeling of togetherness.  It was special to talk with volunteers who worked on my home when I was not there and they showed me what they had done. There are areas of certain walls, and rooms that will always have special meaning.  Although, my absolute favorite moment was  watching apprentices bring people into my home to show the things  that they had built. All these moments were priceless, words can not  describe my appreciation.

I have been in my new home now for about four months. I love it. The work is an ongoing process that I enjoy immensely.  I still need furniture and things on my walls. Landscaping has kept me busy in the fall. Hopefully I will settle for some kind of furniture (I am currently using patio/camping furniture) as I will soon be spending more time indoors with winter approaching. As for my walls…….well, they look so amazing! The plaster is so beautiful!  I may just leave them be for a while.

–Tim Schall

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