The End

This Sunday, everyone rallied at Melissa and Randy’s home for 3 hours of balls to the wall finish plastering and floor pouring. Warning: This blog post contains sentimental group photos. I can neither confirm nor deny that they may bring a tear to your eye.

Earthships, drag queens and regular ol’ buildin’

The wind has been wild in Moab. Luckily we’re mostly working inside on Steve’s house – plastering walls, detailing the kitchen and getting ready for the final floor pour. The next step for plaster will be adding pigment… let there be color! Two weeks ago we were lucky to attend Radically Sustainable Buildings: a one-day Earthships … Continue reading

The Web We Weave

An excerpt from the Utah Housing Coalition’s Spring 2014 newsletter. Thank you, Tara Rollins for your kind words and recognition!

The Taming of the Bale

Like every great love affair it took quite a bit of time and preparation. A lot more preparation than any of us had expected. And during that preparation things seemed deceptively conventional; like the vixen we were pursuing was hardly the racy, alternative siren we expected. But that all changed today as Doug impaled the … Continue reading

Cheese Curds and Desert Varnish

With the last of the lime plasters up on the bathroom walls on Monday and the exterior wrapped in a coat of blue lime on Tuesday, Ryan’s amazing, patient week of teaching was over. With all of the lime on the house finished, it seemed fitting to move away from our practical education in inorganic chemistry … Continue reading

Building Materials as Food (for Thought)

This week has been all about the details: gable siding, fascia, soffit, flashing. In some ways it has been quite satisfying, like putting sprinkles on a cupcake. Except these sprinkles need to be beveled at exactly 45 degrees, and weigh significantly more than objects that I normally like to hold above my head with one … Continue reading

June 22nd, 2012 – Ribbon Cutting Ceremony #3

There is always a little piece of sadness whenever something is severed. Cutting the red ribbon tied to the front door of 496 Bowen Circle – the new home of Eric Boxrud and Nancy Morlock – a home built in 4 months by 8 amazing interns from all over the US and 2 dedicated builder/instructors … Continue reading

Eric Plourde, Dave Conine, Jim Lindheim, and Spiderman

HERE”S TO THIS WEEK’S HEROES! Thanks to Eric P for welcoming the students and leading them into another fabulous semester! HAPPY 70th Birthday to Dave Conine, USDA RD Utah State Director and BIG supporter of Community Rebuilds. Happy Birthday, Dave! Thanks to Jim Lindheim for writing and rewriting 4 fabulous scripts for our Spring 2012 … Continue reading

Excuse the wait…we’ve been having too much fun!

the student intern line-up

Well…on February 1st, Community Rebuilds welcomed it’s new group of fabulous student interns – all 8 of them! Onward and forward. Here we go! And here they line up – on the front porch of the trailer that will be finding its way to the dump on Valentine’s Day next week. Good thing it’s pink. Check … Continue reading


When you’ve been working and living side by side with the same people for two months straight, you start to appreciate walls. Laurel’s walls will be two different types: drywall with earthen plaster finish, and wood lathe with earthen plaster finish. Wait til you see what she has in mind for the final look. When … Continue reading