The End (Part 2): More Finish Plaster / Goodbye Grant & Jerry

The rooms have transformed. They are warm and filled with light now that the butter-cream colored finish plaster covers the walls. We have become near-masters of the hawk and trowel flip, the even spread, the sponge and compress … we can handle anything. On this day, Tuesday, Kelly Ray decided not to come in to … Continue reading

oo lala

Another day of finish plaster and this’n’that. Jason prepared the floors for finish plaster. Grant worked with Eric on the bathroom ‘vanity’ countertop. Gabriel sifted sand. The rest of us plastered like it was going out of style. The rooms are all different colors, warm tones that make the room feel rich and full of … Continue reading

Clean hawk, clean trowel, clean hands, clean heart.

We’re somewhere between the Final Push and the Push Before the Final Push.