The End

This Sunday, everyone rallied at Melissa and Randy’s home for 3 hours of balls to the wall finish plastering and floor pouring. Warning: This blog post contains sentimental group photos. I can neither confirm nor deny that they may bring a tear to your eye.

Finishing touches, nearly touching the finish

At this stage of the build daily projects seem at once huge and small. With finish plasters going up and adobe floors being poured, it’s easy to forget about the little things like fixtures and face-plates. Hand in hand, these big and little things work together to make a home whole.

Black tadelakt

Thanks to Melissa Beaury – one of our homeowners this fall – for these great photos of her and Randy’s beautiful Tadelakt shower. This weekend students spend countless hours with Ryan Chivers and Liz Johndrow, two plaster masters and extraordinary teachers. Why the countless hours? Liz and Ryan have been teaching us about tadelakt. Tadelakt…

Cheese Curds and Desert Varnish

With the last of the lime plasters up on the bathroom walls on Monday and the exterior wrapped in a coat of blue lime on Tuesday, Ryan’s amazing, patient week of teaching was over. With all of the lime on the house finished, it seemed fitting to move away from our practical education in inorganic chemistry…

A Practical Lesson On The Lime Cycle

The first exterior lime coat went up at the beginning of this week. It definitely feels like a milestone to be using a new material, not to mention completely transforming the exterior of the building. I remember learning about the lime cycle at school, and specifically remember being told that it was used “in industry”….

House update! (long overdue)

It’s been a hectic few weeks since the last house update, big changes have happened. As well, we have been very busy with extra curricular activities that I will endeavor to update you this week! The exterior plaster coat  (scratched to allow the next layer of plaster, lime this time, to key into the first…

you put de lime in de plaster

The most significant thing that happened today was a big rain dump, right around mid-day, which accompanied us until clean-up by dripping off the roof and down our backs as we put another layer of plaster on the house. Big ole droplets of sweet, cool water. We began putting the first coat of lime plaster…