Black tadelakt

Thanks to Melissa Beaury – one of our homeowners this fall – for these great photos of her and Randy’s beautiful Tadelakt shower. This weekend students spend countless hours with Ryan Chivers and Liz Johndrow, two plaster masters and extraordinary teachers. Why the countless hours? Liz and Ryan have been teaching us about tadelakt. Tadelakt … Continue reading

The Web We Weave

An excerpt from the Utah Housing Coalition’s Spring 2014 newsletter. Thank you, Tara Rollins for your kind words and recognition!

The Taming of the Bale

Like every great love affair it took quite a bit of time and preparation. A lot more preparation than any of us had expected. And during that preparation things seemed deceptively conventional; like the vixen we were pursuing was hardly the racy, alternative siren we expected. But that all changed today as Doug impaled the … Continue reading

Dirt don’t hurt.

We’ve made big advancements in the house this past week. One major thing to note is that the house stays warm over night! When we walk in the patio doors in the mornings, the space inside is significantly warmer than the recent frigid Moab Winter weather outside. Sprinkled in with all this building was: Halloween, … Continue reading

Some reasons why we love being CR interns.

1) Surreal dance parties in the desert. 2) River trips. 3)┬áCustom paraphernalia made with love.