Finishing touches, nearly touching the finish

At this stage of the build daily projects seem at once huge and small. With finish plasters going up and adobe floors being poured, it’s easy to forget about the little things like fixtures and face-plates. Hand in hand, these big and little things work together to make a home whole.

Thumbs up on inspection!

Cheese Curds and Desert Varnish

With the last of the lime plasters up on the bathroom walls on Monday and the exterior wrapped in a coat of blue lime on Tuesday, Ryan’s amazing, patient week of teaching was over. With all of the lime on the house finished, it seemed fitting to move away from our practical education in inorganic chemistry … Continue reading

Castles Made of Sand

As Wade, Paige and I Backed ourselves out of the main room of Laurel’s house, spreading a fine, smooth, earth plaster over the floor, Jimi Hendrix’s “Castles Made of Sand” came on the radio. We realized together that not only is this the most succesful ‘sand castle’ we’d ever built, but it is the most … Continue reading

Dirt don’t hurt.

We’ve made big advancements in the house this past week. One major thing to note is that the house stays warm over night! When we walk in the patio doors in the mornings, the space inside is significantly warmer than the recent frigid Moab Winter weather outside. Sprinkled in with all this building was: Halloween, … Continue reading