Current Homeowners

Moab Fall 2017 | Woytek-Mead Family


We’re the Woytek-Mead Family, one of this Fall’s CR recipients.

Gabriel, originally from Wisconsin, and Serah, originally from California, met in Moab in 2010. Both Serah and Gabriel were involved with CR in the early years while also working and volunteering with other Moab non-profits. They pulled a two-year stint in Brownsville, Oregon growing organic crops for a local seed company, managing a 15 acre hazelnut farm, and operating an artist residency program out of the historic farmhouse in which they lived. Two years was enough to realize it was time to return to the amazing community and landscape of Moab, Utah. Gabriel is current the Garden Manager at The Youth Garden Project. Serah works for KZMU Moab Community Radio as the Music Director and hosts a show on Thursday mornings. Verdell Shanti was welcomed to the world in March of 2017 and is excited to grow up in a straw bale home of her own. Her big sister Uma is sweet little red heeler mix who loves eating compost.

Moab Fall 2017 | Nelly Drogin


I’m Nelly, a Moab local, born and raised in Castle Valley. I love the Moab area, and am so grateful to Community Rebuilds for allowing me the opportunity to build and own a house in my hometown, which has been a lifelong dream of mine. I look forward to the security, independence, and roots home ownership will give me.

I am the office manager at Nichols Expeditions, an active adventure travel company based in Moab. We arrange hiking, biking, sea kayak and wildlife tours all over the world! It’s fascinating work, which keeps me busy and stimulated.

In my free time I enjoy biking (road and mountain), yoga, hiking, and soaking up the sun. I also love to travel, studied abroad in Switzerland, and currently write this bio from a hotel room in sLOVEenia where I’m finishing my fourth visit to Europe, and my fourth tour with Nichols Expeditions.

Moab Fall 2017 | Holli and Ren Zollinger


Holli and Lorenzo ‘Ren’ moved to Moab in 2012 for two years and then returned again in 2016. Having lived a mostly nomadic life, Moab felt like a great place to settle, put down real roots and grow with the dynamic community Moab offers.

Holli is self-employed as an Artist and Designer and draws daily inspiration from the desert landscape. Always learning by doing, she is excited and honored to be part of a program that educates the home buyer about the process of building a straw bale home with a sustainable focus.

Past Homeowners

Moab Spring 2017 | Anne Hayes

I’m Anne, I moved to Moab about 5 years ago after a spell of bad weather during a camping trip left my friends and I in need of a way to amuse ourselves. We filled out job and housing applications and I have not thought of leaving since.

Growing up in the suburban/track housing/strip-mall east edge of the San Francisco Bay Area, I left home at 19 and have not been back due to what I have termed extended vacations (college in the redwoods and working in Italy, Crater Lake, the Grand Canyon, Park City). Besides traveling, I really love to play-climbing, hiking, biking, rafting, skiing- really anything to get outside, relax, and have fun. Lucky for me, friends readily accept enthusiasm as a replacement for skill.

Currently I am a paramedic for Grand County EMS, help out at the free health clinic, and have gone on medical missions to Peru and the Philippines.

As far as the program, words cannot describe how excited I am to be building with Community Rebuilds. Between rent increases, homeowners selling, and and a house fire, my housing situation in Moab has been a bit rocky and I don’t think I’ll be able to thank the Community Rebuilds interns enough.

Click here to see more of Anne’s home.

Moab Spring 2017 | Kelli Quinn

kelli-quinnKelli's home

My name is Kelli, and I am one of the homeowners (to be) for this up and coming build! So excited!I grew up in central Pennsylvania and lived in the northern Adirondacks of New York for a while before moving to Moab in 2014. Moab’s unique and beautiful environment as well as the grand escapades to be had in its backyard made me instantly fall in love with this area.

I am curious and passionate about the natural world around me and love adventuring within it. Some of the best experiences in my life have more recently been centered around rock climbing but am equally thrilled to be mt./biking, boating, skiing in the LaSals in the winter, or to just be outdoors.
Moab and the surrounding area provide me with great inspiration, and I am truly stoked to be laying down roots!

Click here to see more of Kelli’s home.

Moab Fall 2016 | David Casper


I’m David.  While originally from Jersey I found my way to Moab through a cross country trip ~6 years ago and since then I’ve lived here on and off, and now with this house, I hope permanently.

Moab has been incredible for me and allowed me to get my massage practice off the ground as well as what seems to be an opportunity to get back into mental health services… learning to heal through body, mind, and plants is a huge passion of mine. On top of my incredible excitement for this house is that the land can become filled with fruit trees and a garden, as well as a place for my two wonderful pups to run around in. I was also lucky enough to find a plot of land with a shed on it which with become a studio so I can pick up sculpture again.. stone, and one day steel!

Click here to see more of David’s home.

Moab Fall 2016 | Stuart Spade, Tamar Phillips and baby Ivy


Tamar is originally from Scotland but after many travels,  landed here in Moab in 2013.
Stuart, is from Salt Lake City but has lived in Moab since 2008 on and off, mostly on 🙂
They met in Australia in 2012, got married in Las Vegas in 2014 and our fabulous baby Ivy was born here in Moab in October of 2015.

Tamar and Stuart are both super interested in eco builds and alternative construction methods so they feel extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to build our own straw bale home with a team of dedicated interns.

Click here to see more of Stuart and Tamar’s home.

Mount Crested Butte 2016 | Daniela Runge, Kai & Alvaro

Daniela is from Argentina and moved to Crested Butte in 2001 to work for the Adaptive Sports Center, teaching people with disabilities how to ski which was supposed to be just one season, but she never left.  During the past 15 years, she would travel back to Argentina with the program and together they started certification and adaptive programs in different ski resorts there. Adaptive has been her passion and the group of people she has worked with became her family.
To complement her winter job, she started a landscaping business in 2006.
Daniela has 2 kids, Alvaro, who is 19 years old and currently in Argentina attending music school, and Kai, who is 10 years old. Kai is a firecracker!  They are incredibly  excited to have a home in CB! It is a dream come true!

Click here to see more of Daniela’s home.

Mount Crested Butte 2016 | Andrew Arell, Asher & Isaac


Andrew considers himself a jack of all trades, master of none… He has had a few fits and starts of various careers, but at present finds himself coordinating mountain sport events for a local non-profit, Nordic Center.  He and his two sons (pictured above) Asher (age 10) and Isaac (age 4) are very excited to be homeowners in the town their family has grown up in.

Click here to see more of Andrew’s home.

Moab Spring 2016 | Sarah Ball


Sarah Ball moved to Moab in 1999 and works as a licensed massage therapist. Sarah bought her trailer in 2007 and has been enjoying her stunning view of the Moab Rim and La Sal Mountain landscape ever since. We are so excited she allowed us to demo and recycle her trailer and replace it with a Community Rebuilds straw bale home .  We were able to reuse many components such as materials for insulation and reclaimed wood for trim.  We also recycled the steel and aluminum siding.  Sarah has been a wonderful participant, and we are so excited for her to see the difference in her utility bills after replacing her trailer with an energy efficient, straw bale home with solar.  Many of our homeowners with active solar are only paying $8 per month for utilities as that is the base fee for being hooked up to the grid.  Talk about affordable housing!

Click here to see more of Sarah’s home.

Moab Spring 2016 | The Thomas Family (Chad, Graham and Kaitlin)


Kaitlin originally moved to Moab from the East Coast to work at the Youth Garden Project and now works as BEACON Afterschool Program’s Program Manager.Chad moved to Moab when he was in high school and has been in Moab ever since. He mainly works in the film and television industry and recently began dabbling in starting a Tshirt business called O’Pinyon Press Services. He has more recently primarily been in the role of stay-at-home-dad since the birth of their son Graham. Baby Graham was born August 1, 2015. He loves to smile, laugh, and absorb the world around him like a sponge. The Thomas family loves Moab- exploring it and the surrounding areas, as well as the vibrant Moab community.

Click here to see more of the Thomas home.

Moab Fall 2015 | Ershadi Family (B’rer, Veda, Cyrus and Heila)


Moab Fall 2015 | Zach Ahrens


Click here to see more of Zach’s home.

Moab Spring 2015 | Heather Gallagher


Heather  works as a rock climbing/canyoneering guide at Moab Cliffs and Canyons and a bartender at Eddie McStiffs. Her passion of rock climbing has taken her to many locations around the United States and over 20 different countries. Despite her numerous “going away” parties she has always ended up returning to Moab & is now ready to officially call it her home.

Click here to see more of Heather’s home.

Moab Spring 2015 | Lynn Chenard


Click here to see more of Lynn’s home.

Moab Fall 2014 | Josh and Porscha Doucette


Click here to see more of Josh and Porscha’s home.

Moab Fall 2014 | Melissa Beaury and Randy Mason


Click here to see more of Melissa and Randy’s home.

Moab Spring 2014 | Steve Langello


Click here to see more of Steve’s home.

Moab Fall 2013 | Andrea Pelizzari


Gunnison Summer 2013 | Bryan Smith & Nancy Lakiotes


Moab Spring 2013 | Lorenzo McGregor


Lorenzo Watson McGregor III is a raft guide for an expedition company out of Paige, AZ and has been based in Moab for a number of years. He is looking forward to having a HOME to return to in between high-season trips and to bunker down in during future winters while there is no raft-guiding. He has been renting places in Moab for the winter season in years past and making good use of friends’ couches during the high-season. Welcome home Lorenzo!

Moab Fall 2012 | Allison VanLonkhuyzen


Click here to see more of Allison’s home.

Moab Spring 2012 | Eric Boxrud and Nancy Morlock


Eric and Nancy work as full time bicycle tour guides for Escape Adventures and Moab Cyclery.

Click here to see more of Eric and Nancy’s home.

Moab 2011 | Laurel Hagen

laurel-hagen laurels-home

 Click here to see more of Laurel’s home.

Moab 2010 | Sasha and Colleen


Alexander Sasha Pasler works at Rim Cyclery and Colleen Jarrett works at the Wabi Sabi thrift store and one day a week with Sasha at the Rim Cyclery bike shop.

Click here to see more of Sasha and Colleen’s home.

BIG THANKS to these families for giving CR the opportunity to serve – we appreciate your grace!

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