22 Is The New 18

Chairman Mao Tse-tung holds a nefarious place in history. His reign holds the distinction of creating the largest death toll attributed to any government administration in history. He ruled China during a particularly turbulent social time and played a pivotal role in the Chinese Communist Revolution. Though dark clouds obscure his legacy, a few bright … Continue reading

Fighting the Forces of Entropy

The Community Rebuilds fall 2013 semester is nearly one month in and it feels like a lot has been packed into that time. There is no succinct summation of the events that have occurred, but there is a term that seems to rise to the surface when reaching for an explanation. Entropy. When you consider … Continue reading

Week III – Getting higher and higher on life. And rooftops.

After the framing of our walls was completed last Friday, this week we dove right into putting up trusses and planks to construct our roof!  Butterflies of heights quickly flew into formation while everyone lent a helping hand.  Doug Nichols has been supervising this week while Monday and Tuesday we were well instructed by Mark … Continue reading

Week II: Into the Wood(s)

Heads up and boards up…we have walls! The week began with digging and has ended with securing topboards on our wall frame. We’ve fully transitioned into working with wood for the internal framing. With all that skeletal wood standing strong and looming stark in the midday heat, it’s gets you thinking about the nature of … Continue reading


Greetings folks! The Fall season has started off and building is quickly progressing!  Almost two weeks of construction have passed on the first house and the second house is set to begin construction in the next couple of weeks. This season is very exciting because Community Rebuilds has added a second house to our four … Continue reading