Taz’s Community Rebuilds Success

I accidentally discovered Moab about 7 years ago and immediately fell in love with this magical place. I knew this is where I wanted to build a house one day. This was obviously just a really distant dream and I had no idea this would actually become true.

Moab has been growing a lot and affordable housing really is an issue here, let alone buying your own land and building your own house. We have been seeing rent increase every year. And although I’ve had dependable, full time  work as a graphic designer for the past ten years I lacked sufficient income to secure a traditional mortgage. I learned about Community Rebuilds talking to people in town and I immediately applied for the program.  Next thing you know I was approved! I qualified for a mortgage loan with the USDA 502 program. The loan was enough to build the perfect sustainable house and my payments are affordable, and with taxes and insurance, and are just a bit more than what I was  paying for rent. Everything about the Community Rebuilds program appeals to me, the more natural approach to building, the efficiency of it, the self help community side of it. I also appreciate my house so much knowing how much work was put into it, it makes it that much more special. And I now feel confident taking care of any future maintenance. 

We started the construction in February 2019, and I was able to move into a completed home in August. And although I had to keep working and participated an average of 20h/weeks on the build, therefore getting very little rest, it was beyond worth it and I kept a smile on the entire time.  This exploit was only possible because of the whole Community Rebuilds team; without everyone coming together none of this would have been possible. It is a real community effort. I enjoyed so much getting to know everyone during the build, some of those people I consider friends and will always be welcome in my house, their house. 

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