The End Is In Sight

Written by Spring 2019 intern, Zoe.

We have less than a month to go the excitement grows with each finishing detail, so does the pressure of the looming deadline. Each feeling fueling our motivation to work hard and soak up our last bit of time here at Community Rebuilds.

The homes are coming along fabulously as we are starting to get a feel for the final products. Walls are receiving their final layer of plaster and additional personal touches are being added. Sheila received a “truth window” shaped like a eight note and Chelsea is using a refurbished school desk as a bathroom vanity. These personal touches are making the houses feel like homes and sharing the excitement with the home owners makes every detail worth it.

Our next big steps are to: finish the plaster for every room, finish off our work on the kitchen cabinets by pouring a cement counter top, and to pour the final layer of the linseed oil flood. We continue to water our lime exterior to help slow down the curing process to prevent cracking. A fun fact for you, each home owner decided to go with a blue home this semester! Outside of work, interns have picked up canyoneering, climbing, found their favorite swimming holes, and scrambled across some amazing red rock fins. The hot days are upon us and its everyone is thankful for our proximity to Mill Creek. Some recent adventures include climbing Boognish Tower, setting up a rope swing, and attending the local rodeo.

With all the wonderful memories to take into the future, Moab will hold a special place in the intern’s hearts. Haven found anyone can be a home builder and that no endeavor is too great, the future holds more possibilities. It’s because of Community Rebuilds that this group is leaving with more capabilities than expected. This journey has been one of self-realization in which we will each be able to help foster stronger communities. Thank you Community Rebuilds for opening so many doors.

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