Alumni Spotlight – Paul Dodson

Paul Dodson is a Spring 2016 alum who recently returned to his hometown of Lancaster, PA after finishing school in Boston. Lancaster has one of the inner-city highest poverty rates relative to it’s metro area in the country. Drawing inspiration from CR, Habitat for Humanity, and his studies, Paul is founding an affordable housing social enterprise that will refurbish sub-standard housing to the environmental, social, and economic benefit of Lancaster’s high-poverty neighborhoods by creating an equitable path to homeownership. If you’d like more information, you can email him at

Before starting the first project in September, Paul will have the great privilege to lead 32 young adults across the country by bike to raise money and advocate for affordable housing through an organization called Bike & Build. Each rider will raise at least $5000 prior to the trip, meaning the entire team will raise $160,000, the majority of which will support advocacy and build efforts, or will be granted to affordable housing organizations through a competitive grant program. You can support Paul’s fundraising at

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