Hey y’all here is one of several posts about… our Bunkhouse Build Team ! A mix of photos, Alumni/Intern spotlights, Natural Building. Check out our mud filled fun !




FLORA           –     INTERN     –     Question & Answer


Q:  Where are you from ?

A:  Brooklyn, New York. Came here from Austin, Texas.


Q:  What do you hope to learn/ primary focuses for the Bunkhouse Build ?

A:  I guess alternatives to traditional construction.


Q:   Hobbies/ Moab specific activities you enjoy?

A:  Riding bikes.

Q:  Favorite tool to use on site – embodied, power and/or hand tool(s) ?

A:  The hammer is pretty empowering. Also the catspaw. There are so many good tools out there.


Q:  Most interesting, inspired and/ or favorite book you’ve read ?

A:  ‘ Chosen Country: A Rebellion in the West ‘ by James Pogue. It was illuminating of the culture in the West and Public Lands. As well White Male entightelment.

Q:  Most helpful and/or favorite quote of your life ? Or perhaps one you’d like to table/share ?



Q:  What do you most enjoy doing on the build site ?

A:  Framing. Its like a life size puzzle.


Q:  Any shout outs to people, places, things ?

A:  America Youth Works in Austin. Also Bike and Build.


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