Hey y’all here is one of several posts about… our Fall 2018 Build Team ! A mix of photos, Alumni/Intern spotlights, Natural Building. Check out our mud filled fun !


Here we have Jamie taste testing an earthen plater mix for our finish plaster workshop!

JAMIE         –        FALL 2018 INTERN         –        Question & Answer 

Q: Where are you from ?

I am from Virginia.

Q: What do you hope to learn/ primary focuses for the this Build/ here with Community Rebuilds ?
I came into this experience hoping to learn more about different approaches to creating affordable housing. Natural building is a unique solution to the affordability problem in Moab, and I’ve really enjoyed learning the details of the process.
Q:  Hobbies/ Moab specific activities you enjoy?
Bike Party and Skate Night have been really awesome community activities and definitely have been some of my favorite moments here. Swimming in Mill Creek was dreamy too, when the weather was still warm.
Q: Favorite tool to use on site – embodied, power and/or hand tool(s) ?
Something about the oscillating saw is very satisfying.
Q: Most interesting, inspired and/ or favorite book you’ve read ?
For a while now, my favorite book has been On Beauty by Zadie Smith. She has such an informed sense of the concurring realities of each character in the book, as well as a way of making simple phrases poignant. I recommend it to basically everyone I meet.
Q: Most helpful and/or favorite quote of your life ? Or perhaps one you’d like to table/share ?
“There is such a shelter in each other” This reminds me of why we’re here: to build physical shelter in the form of a straw-bale house but to find emotional shelter in the community we build in the process.
Q: What do you most enjoy doing on build site ?
Plastering has so far been my favorite thing that we’ve done. I really enjoyed troweling the earthen floor as well.
Q: Any shout outs to people, places, things ?
Shout out to worms.

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