Hey y’all here is one of several posts about… our Bunkhouse Build Team ! A mix of photos, Alumni/Intern spotlights, Natural Building. Check out our mud filled fun !



Here we have Semra placing a note to all who enter… dust, brush, wash that clay away! Kick those kicks off for shoeless entry (please).  Forthought and communication helps make for cleaner communal spaces.


SEMRA       – Alumni Spring 2016    – Question & Answer


Q:  Where are you from ?

A:  I spent this last Winter in Salt Lake City with a fun intentional community.  Montana doing trailwork before that.


Q:  What do you hope to learn/ primary focuses for the Bunkhouse Build ?

A:   Hoping to do things I missed out on last time. Even though we were doing two houses it seemed I was missing out on some tasks.  Im interested in this being a two story, larger situation, get something different from the last build. Most importantly to hone skills to build structures for a Queer intentional farm.


Q:   Hobbies/ Moab specific activities you enjoy?

A:  Swim club. Love getting involved in the Community, free film screenings at Star Hall. Also being involved in Moabs enviromental issues, some of which we’ve been facing for decades.


Q:  Favorite tool to use on site – embodied, power and/or hand tool(s) ?

A: I’d say the crew as a resource. The knowledge, sillyness and moral on the job site. Love a good trowel.


Q: Most interesting, inspired or favorite book you’ve read ?

A: ‘Orlando’ by Virginia Wolfe  –  Based off one of her real life lovers. Whose proganist changes genders and the story spans centuries so its like a time travel novel as well.


Q:  Most helpful and/or favorite quote of your life ? Or perhaps one you’d like to table/share ?

A:  “ Beauty must be defined as what we are or else the concept itself is our enemy” CRIMETHINC


Q:  What do you most enjoy doing on the build site ?

A: Besides interacting with the crew- problem solving with people and the general physical labor.  And getting better at fractions during framing.


Q:  Any shout outs to people, places, things ?

A:  Supportive farming community in Montana. My sweetie in Salt Lake and my community of lovely friends in Moab.

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