Hey y’all here is one of several posts about… our Bunkhouse Build Team ! A mix of photos, Alumni/Intern spotlights, Natural Building. Check out our mud filled fun !



Here we have Pat using to the gas powered mixer.  This is a watery clay batch that will be added to lengthy straw. The straw and mud are mixed and made into balls lovingly refered to as slaw balls! Generally used to fill corners of stacked bale cavities and behind window bevels.



Q:  Where are you from ?

A:  The West Coast overall, up and down between Seattle and San Franciso. Originally Melbourne, Austrailia.


Q:  What do you hope to learn/ primary focuses for the Bunkhouse Build ?

A:  Mostly honing and repeating skills on a bigger more complicated scale.


Q:  Hobbies/ Moab specific activities you enjoy?

A:  Climbing –


Q:  Favorite tool to use on site – embodied, power and/or hand tool(s) ?

A: The angle grinder is great for sculpting. Most power tools tend to be used in very specific ways. Angle grinders can do a lot.


Q:  Most interesting, inspired and/ or favorite book you’ve read ?

A:  ‘Solaris’ by Stanislaw Lem. As well ‘The Sea Wolf’ by Jack London


Q:  Most helpful and/or favorite quote of your life ? Or perhaps one you’d like to table/share ?

A: My most recent ethos to live by as of recent  “ gentle, humble, kind ”


Q:  What do you most enjoy doing on the build site ?

A:  Carpentry, complex framing. Finish plastering.


Q:  Any shout outs to people, places, things ?

A:  My dad for raising me around power tools and making things.

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