Hey y’all here is one of several posts about… our Bunkhouse Build Team ! A mix of photos, Alumni/Intern spotlights, Natural Building. Check out our mud filled fun !



Here we have Iris ! Its important to clean up tools after creating our assorted straw, water, clay mixtures. This ensures longevity of our tools as well an easier use for the next day of mixing. Have you ever tried to clean off dry caked clay off your tools ?! Thanks Iris !


IRIS CORAL STARLIGHT      – 2018 INTERN –           Question & Answer 



Q:  Where are you from ?

A: Originally Vergennes, Vermont and most recently Boston, Massachusettes for 7 years.


Q:  What do you hope to learn/ primary focuses for the Bunkhouse Build ?

A:  Become more familiarized in building a Natural Home. Adobe floors and roofing.


Q:   Hobbies/ Moab specific activities you enjoy?

A:  Moab, exploring the natural wildlife and community. I’ve realized there are more opportunities  than I could imagine here.


Q:  Favorite tool to use on site – embodied, power and/or hand tool(s) ?

A:  The air nailer, hedge trimmer and floor compactor we used to level the foundation.


Q:  Most interesting, inspired and/or favorite book you’ve read ?

A:  The End of Night:  Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light by Paul Bogard


Q:  Most helpful and/or favorite quote of your life ? Or perhaps one you’d like to table/share ?

A:  “ Live your life flowing like water” and “ always keep your doors open, you never know what you’re going to get”


Q:  What do you most enjoy doing on the build site ?

A:  I love the hands on-  the interactions with my fellow builders and making friends I didnt expect. Everyone is super sweet, fun and weird. I love it.


Q:  Any shout outs to people, places, things ?

A:  SigiKoko with Build Naturally, she is the one who lead me toward this path.

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