Storms In The Desert

As we meticulously finish the concrete pads for the bathrooms and doorways we are
increasingly aware of the clouds approaching from the southwest. They are coming in more and
more quickly and are the darkish gray of the concrete we’re so painstakingly smoothing. Just as
we are finishing up for the day the storm is upon us. Wind and sand blows in gusts and the team
springs into action. The wacker tacker smacks out staples into the tarps borrowed from the
depths of every garage and workshop in the whole town of Bluff. A few of us untangle old baling
twine to tie out tarps to prevent them from pouring water onto part of Malyssa’s future bathroom
floor. What could become a “cool” design on her doorways might also be challenging to sweep
for the rest of the life of the house if the rain is allowed to patter on these floors or if the endless
sand gusts are allowed to drop their load. Energized by the cooler weather and the imminent
rain we all rush about tying and tacking and screwing things to wherever to hold down the tarps
as the rain and wind blow in the sides of the unwalled house. After doing all we can, we stand
back to look at the site and colorful collection of tarps, hung crookedly and rattling in the wind. It
is truly the best we could do and we hope Malyssa can love this rain as much as any desert
dweller loves a rainstorm.IMG_7899IMG_7896IMG_7900


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