Nothing But A Headlamp And Nutella

The culture of Moab is built on generosity. From day one, we interns were immediately folded into a community that works through giving, sharing and exchanging. Shared resources take all forms: time, knowledge, work, welcoming spaces and, most importantly, food. (Did you know that not all watermelons are red? Some are yellow and orange! This place is amazing!) It’s inspiring to see a community function like this and humbling to be a part of it. It has affirmed a long-held belief of mine, that we must consistently, not occasionally, rely on our shared knowledge and experiences to thrive.

Another humbling experience has come through working with my fellow interns as they learn the basics of construction and architecture. With these areas as my academic and professional background, I take a lot of the processes and practices for granted. But fielding and hearing my friends’ questions has forced me to think more, to be more critical of this act of building, the externalities of housing, of the way communities are knit together and of how a society lives.

I’ve only begun to venture into the world of Fun Things To Do Here, probably because there’s just so much to do. Post-work jaunts to Mill Creek are becoming less essential, which is a bit sad, but with cooler days comes more opportunity for the physically demanding pursuits Moab is known for. I’ve gone for a few mountain biking trips with friends and a good hike happens about weekly. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a place where, on a whim, we can take a 10 minute nighttime drive to Arches NP with nothing but a headlamp and Nutella to make the rocks echo with our laughter.


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