Plaster Run Down

This post was written by Spring 2018 intern, Carey Alcott.

We’re now over half-way through the build and finished elements are starting to appear. We’ve got good boots (foundations), good hats (roofs with solar panels installed), guts (wood framing, straw-bales, light straw clay walls, a cob palette wall, plumbing and electrical wiring) all in place. And we’ve just started putting on the skin.

The adobe floors are almost done. We’ve poured and floated the sub-floors. Then they were coated with linseed oil to harden. All that remains for the floors is an 1/8th inch layer of finish plaster and a final coat of linseed oil.

Plastering is 90% prep work, so we spent several days slipping the straw, taping the windows, and adding mesh to corners and weak points in preparation for the plaster. After the prep, last week, we put the brown coat of plaster on the houses and they are really starting to look and feel like livable spaces.

Plastering is fun!

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