Can we make this last a lifetime?

This post was written by Spring 2018 intern, Lauren van Vliet.

The Community Rebuilds Interns are like Kevin Bacon, but with a better reputation.  If someone doesn’t know us, they have a friend with a home built in previous semesters or know one of the past interns. Even tourists who see us around know we are special group, “Is this a family reunion?“

Nope, we have only known each other for a month, but we are rebuilding our lives around one another as much as we are learning to build homes. We have even gone so far as to change Time itself. Everyone has been assigned new birth dates, Christmas is going to be in June, and one of us has planned out their living funeral.  

I know, that sounds crazy. We are all reasonable and somewhat normal people, too.  Every day I wake up wondering if today is the day I am going to hate community living and each night I fall asleep more in love with my life. I learn so much from everyone and every moment.  From the skills we have to teach to the way we communicate and share with one another.  If nothing else, we are all going to come out of this semester with better dance moves, refined karaoke songs and hopefully a decent idea of how to put a straw bale home together.


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