Alumni Spotlight | Leslie Witter

From raising the roof to raising the roots
I interned with Community Rebuilds in 2013 during a period of career transition and exploration into what kind of work I might want to do related to sustainable lifestyles.  I learned so much (both about community dynamics and construction) and enjoyed getting to stretch well out of my comfort zone (up until that point my experience with building anything was next to nil!).  Was great to gain new skills, but also learn where my affinities and talents lie…more with growing things than with building things (haha!).

After working at CR, I spent a few seasons on small-scale organic veggie farms before opening Root to Rise Gardens, my own farm-based business, in 2017.  After being nomadic for many years, I’m excited to be setting down roots here in Wilsall, MT (just outside of Bozeman).  I manage a ¼ acre no-till market garden growing mostly quick-growing crops like salad greens and baby root veggies for sale at 3 local farmers markets.  I also rent out the master bedroom and entire log home on the property (I have a 5 year lease and am working on a rent-to-own agreement) as a B&B featuring farm-to-table breakfasts.  The smallest (for now) part of Root to Rise is yoga retreats…this summer I partnered with local yoga teachers to offer Sunday Yoga Brunches.  As my first summer season with Root to Rise draws to a close, I’m feeling exhausted, but happy to be able to pursue so many of my passions and excited to see how the business grows and evolves in the future.

If you’re up near Bozeman, contact me and come visit!  Learn more at and @root2risegardens on Facebook and Instagram.  I’m also interested in future collaboration to be able to offer workshops related to both sustainability (including natural building) and yoga/mindfulness…if this intrigues you, please be in touch!


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