Alumni Spotlight – Lindsey Love

I was one of the first CR interns in 2010.  I went to architecture school because I wanted to help folks design/build their own shelter and have taken on as many building opportunities as possible intermittent from an architectural apprenticeship, co-managing an all-women’s build for Kleiwerks International, building my own straw bale home, and working at a local print shop and consulting for other architects about integrating natural materials into their projects.

My goal is to bring natural materials to the mainstream, and to bring rigorous, modern design to natural building.  Two years ago I co-founded Love Schack Architecture with a Certified Passive House Consultant and friend, Lindsay Schack.  We are a regional firm operating in the Rocky Mountain region.  We are passionate about affordable housing and while it is hard to break into the industry, as a new firm, we are taking the bull by the horns and finding or creating opportunities.

We are currently working with a developer and a non-profit on an affordable 6 unit, straw bale (hopefully) single-family home development and offer services to non-profits at heavily discounted rates.  While not every project gets to be straw bale, I always specify the most natural/affordable insulation and finishes available and even do some side plastering to encourage my clients to use plasters instead of paints.  We have many clients who take on their own building projects and we consult with them through the process to help them achieve their goals.  I love my job.

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