Homeowner Success Story | Kelli Quinn

This post was written by Spring 2017 Moab homeowner, Kelli Quinn.

In 2014 I moved to Moab, Utah for a Student Conservation Experience (SCA) internship with the National Park Service which turned into a full time, year round job as of 2015. After living in several different housing situations (some good and some unfortunate) during the first two years in Moab, I decided to forgo the rent-a-room status quo to save money. About a year ago my job began to shape into a longer-term career position as I was equally falling in love with Moab, its community, and the surrounding area. For me it was shaping up to be the time to star exploring the options of laying down roots in Moab.

As I began looking at the housing market in, I quickly realized that affording a house in Moab was a pipe dream, let alone a new home, even though I have steady year round employment and great credit score. As I was feeling pretty helpless through the conventionally housing market, Community Rebuilds contacted me. After lots of paper work and a serious time crunch we were able to make it happen. However before it was a sealed deal (well there were several of these moments where things could have fallen through), I needed to reduce my student loan debt which I was immediately able to do with the money I saved by living out of my vehicle (by choice) for two years.

After some more deadlines, phone calls, and support from both Community Rebuilds and the USDA-Rural Housing Service I am going to be a very proud home owner with the anticipated move in date to be July 2017. Not only is this a new, energy efficient, straw baled/earthen home, but I had the opportunity to put my blood, sweat, and (joyous) tears into my house along with the Community Rebuilds’ build team and 16 wonderful students. It has been a great experience and opportunity to be a part of such vitally important programs that provide affordable housing in places such as Moab. Without these programs working together, I would not have the chance to be a home owner, let alone a new home owner!

Thank you Community Rebuilds and USDA Rural Housing Service for working together to afford me the opportunity to be the proud owner of my dream home!

Kelli participating in the Permaculture workshop.
Taping plastic over the windows (a tedious task indeed).


Working on installing Solar Tubes.
Working on external finishes.

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