Alumni Spotlight | Kenya Wright

Life Since CR

I completed my CR semester at the end of last June. The next six months consisted of traveling through the US while living an ultra freelance life in Brooklyn. I took my Moab lessons on minimalism to the consumerist hub of America while planning my next contributions to affordable and sustainable housing.

January brought me to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to help rebuild homes damaged by the August floods with All Hands. They provide basic food and housing for disaster relief volunteers around the globe. For two weeks we muck and gutted, insulated, drywalled, and hooked up electricity and plumbing. The joy of building instantly returned but I realized how great my preference for natural building had become.

I recently moved back to my native Bay Area and joined the California Straw Building Association (CASBA). I’m helping to produce straw bale installation and plastering workshops, and our conference this year.

Most recently, I started a full time job at Pace Avenue. We connect homeowners to green home improvements and affordable property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing! I mostly spend free time in nature, visiting with friends, and designing experiences.

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