Do you know your Farmer?

The visit to Farmer Dave’s farm in Fruita, CO was awesome! He is such a smart person.  He learns things by himself by just talking to other people, reading books and trying whatever he thinks may work. He showed us some of the things he’s been experimenting while building his own natural home and I was so impressed because he is building it with help of only one more person. He has designed himself some great objects to minimize the labor, one of these inventions is a sifter on top of a bed structure with all the springs to help the whole thing move by itself  when he pours sand or clay on it.
His wife was also there and they showed us how the straw bales are done.  I had no idea how it was and this visit clarified a lot of processes for me. The CR straw bales are made by a baler after the wheat is harvested from the fields.

Most farms just burn this straw and as Emily told us, in California it is one of the biggest carbon emitters. It is so nice to be working in an organization that cares about its footprint and involves local business while educating people on how to do it!  It is no wonder people all over the world want to know about Community Rebuilds.

Eduardo Pinheiro Moab Fall 2016 Intern



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