Amazing Day Off

Today on our day off a few of us decided to go for a hike (little did I know what I was in for). The goal was to summit Manns Peak at 12,272 ft. We drove up to approximately 10,000 ft and started the hike along Burro Pass Trail, of course listing our names in the trail registration book first (just incase and it’s good practice). The overcast day was perfect for a hike, not 106 F as this past week has been. Along the way nature enchanted us; cows, more cows, wildflowers, humming birds and an unknown mysterious animal I saw dart into the woods. We meet some individuals on the trail but mainly we were alone, our own private hike. After climbing Gessar’s Pass , we finally made to Manns Peak (an awesome rock shelter was waiting for us at the top). The best spot for a break, lunch and panoramic views, the photos can’t relay the magnitude of it all; as mentioned before it was overcast but nonetheless beautiful.


The view from the top was something you’d have to see to believe; peaks surrounding us from all sides with Moab somewhere in the distance. Great way to spend your day off. Lastly, go climb it yourself when you have the chance and let me know what you think.

 Chloe Peterson – Moab Fall Intern 2016

One Response to “Amazing Day Off”
  1. mr jerry kujawa says:

    if you dont climb the mountain you cant see the view just ask mrs kuj congrates to all you brave souls remember we work hard and play hard in crested butte

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