Lime, Sand, & Water

This week, we spent some time in the community putting the finishing touches (literally) on a large greenhouse located right here in central Gunnison.  We are paid employees of the greenhouse project for the week — and perhaps even after, depending on how good a job we’ve done.  (I think it’s pretty good.)  I like being an employee of Straw and Timber Craftsmen, Dusty’s company.  Straw and Timber Craftsmen is a catchy name.  I think that “Lime, Sand & Water Plasterers,” or perhaps LSW Plaster, Inc. might be a catchy name for our group of interns.

But before we get into all that, let me show you some more of Gunnison itself.

Beyond the beautiful displays of stuffed trophy game and antlers and that bodaciously blue sky, Gunnison also offers the finest in entertainment and music for its citizenry.  After a few events here, you really get to feeling that you’re part of a very unique community.  This week featured the arts gallery walk, featuriing numerous artists and their works from Gunnison, and also including the finest seven piece marimba players the world may ever know at The Arts Center downtown.

(Above) Marimba Mu Gomo (Marimba in the mountains) takes over the Arts Center in Gunnison.

While unrelated to building per se, I believe that the natural and wooden art presented at the walk is significant to our cause here at Community Rebuilds.  I was genuinly uplifted by the experience of seeing the art, inspired even to create more of my own, and felt that I was being rebuilt within the community, and the community woven even tighter into itself during the whole event.  The marimba’s also delivered a truly spiritual sound, and being made out of wood, I found them to be particularly moving.  When we build with natural materials and share that with our community, things become more enjoyable.  Things are lifted up.

We worked on the foundation (finally!) and got a real taste of what it was like to get forms correct around property marker pins.  We all got a taste of just how muchh work goes into preparing the site for a foundation before you ever even get started.  It was a fantastic team effort, and felt really great to work with everyone on site.

The next day was spent working on Susan Wyman’s greenhouse in downtown Gunnison.  Susan is a P.H.D. geochemist who frequently spends time tending her large flock of chickens, studying rocks, and growing food around her property.  Most recently, she has decided to improve the food resilience of Gunnison during the colder months by building this absolutely massive greenhouse right in the middle of the city.  We were taske by Straw and Timber Craftsmen (as employees!) to plaster the greenhouse.  That’s right — we just got paid for using natural materials to construct a fine greenhouse.  We’re all on our way to becoming contractors now.


The lime plaster was fun to apply, but the blood lathe (diamond lathe) is really a killer on the fingers and the clothes.  Overall we had a great time plastering all throughout the afternoon.

Interns Dan, Shelby, myself and Apprentice Jessica all went to meet up with Dick the Plumber to install all of the septic pipes for the house.  We dug in the heat all day, Shelby and I got really bad sunburns (do NOT take your shirt off in the midday mountain sun), and we finished just in time for ice cream at the Third Scoop, the best ice cream in Mount Crested Butte.  It was worth the sunburn.  Plus, I know much more about rough plumbing now.

So, we had quite the week.  We learned all about foundations, plumbing, exterior plaster, really hot days, carpentry, and had some great fun in the community.  I’m more and more convinced every day that Community Rebuilds has some sort of secret magic juju that make everyone happy and everything work cohesively.

And on the positive note, I bid you adieu with some pictures and video of the Sundays @ 6 music in the park series here in Gunnison, CO, with band Common Funk and their excellent female vocalist.  It’s just a great time up here in Colorado, everyone.  Really, you should come on down and rebuild a community with us sometime.

Common Funk has a very polished vibe to their music, and their singer is absolutely fantastic, channeling Joplin to the Temptations

This kid definitely has caught the common funk

Until next time,


Erik Hans Rasmussen  – Mount Crested Butte Internt 2016

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