Journal Entries

Currently I’m participating in an internship with a non-profit organization, Community Rebuilds (CR) in the small desert town of Moab, Utah. CR’s mission is to build energy-efficient housing, provide education on sustainability/natural building and improve the housing conditions through an affordable program. What is natural building? Natural building uses techniques and materials that minimize ecological … Continue reading

Lime, Sand, & Water

This week, we spent some time in the community putting the finishing touches (literally) on a large greenhouse located right here in central Gunnison.  We are paid employees of the greenhouse project for the week — and perhaps even after, depending on how good a job we’ve done.  (I think it’s pretty good.)  I like … Continue reading

How to Rebuild a Community

It’s been a busy week — we’ve finally got interns on site — today, Laura, Sarah, Stacey, Mike, Jerry and Matt all went up to the site to take preliminary measurements for footings and accomplish some rough plumbing work under the foundation.  I’m incredibly excited to go to the site and do some work tomorrow, … Continue reading