Why will you come to Moab?

I wish I could rediscover CR with fresh eyes; entirely unknowing of what the internship would mean. With each month this program gets richer in its value to me. I struggle at the thought of leaving my window filled with La Sals & globe mallow in bloom.
But I’ll share what I have discovered thus far.
This internship sometimes means after long days plastering our skin resembles that of an elephants’.
It means we eat like kings with the appetite of a thief. Or learning how to stretch a dollar without even spending it. Our communal meals bring back a tradition I’ve never known but am deeply grateful to share.
It means a life full of smiles, songs, and hard work.

Or learning to communicate ours ideas and needs . Constantly existing with 15 others exemplifies how essential clear communication really is.
It means staying positive Prince Rama and being mindful with your work.

It means our prowess on site has been transformed by our builders and apprentices. Those who keep us on schedule as they urge us forward with growing confidence in our abilities.
It means confidence in our own abilities .
It means construing plans to stack functions (thanks Joel) and make our endeavors purposeful on multiple levels. As one intern mentioned while stuffing the pallet wall, “you’ve got to get a donkey to produce your plaster and then mix it for you too. ”
Or working hard to do the least work possible. We call that efficiency son.
It is observing what is around us and using it to solve the problems we encounter .
To value ourselves as able bodies and minds. …..And a thousand other things .
The lessons are hidden everywhere here. Some can stow away behind even the most mundane of moments . I’ve been luckily enough to catch one. I’ve felt we are not in this internship because everything else is wrong in the world, we are here because of the good that still resides. That said, I’m here because it yields worthy results to build naturally & exchange work for education . Why will you come to Moab?

For Grahm


Interns taking a break with our youngest homeowner to date, Graham Thomas

Abby HafeySpring 2016 Intern – Moab, UT

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