First Week

Our community rebuilds internship started last week on an unusually snowy day. There are 16 of us interns, 2 apprentices, 2 building managers and a small office staff.

All of the interns live together in a big house. Home life is surprisingly smooth considering I’ve never lived with 15 other people. I love that we are sustainable food wise-composting, turning vegetable scraps into broth, community meals. I also love that everyone is awesome and open to a good time.

The Moab community is very welcoming and there’s opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, dance classes, free movies, free community meals and lots more. Plenty of community members stopped by campus for a Mardi Gras party on Friday and we had us a good ol’ time.

We started with 3 days of orientation on the intern campus, then moved on to the build sites. Our first build day was a crisp 5 degrees as we stood outside learning to use the power tools.

Both of our homeowners formerly lived in pre-1976 trailer homes. Step one was demolition of these trailers. We saved what we could-aluminum siding, furnaces, light fixtures, good wood, windows, etc. Then we preceded to smash in the walls and destroy everything else. It was fun despite my frozen fingers and toes.


Today was the last day of demo. As you can see an excavator came and crunched up the remains of the trailer and took the scraps to the dump. That place had been standing for 30+ years and we destroyed it in a mere couple of days.

Now that our space is clear we can level out the ground and lay the foundation, just in time for it to start warming up 🙂

I’m glad that I came here. It’s very exciting to learn new things, build up my strength, meet new friends, and continue to form my ~adult~ identity.

Kenya WrightSpring Intern 2015


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