Half Way Home!

As we reach the midway point of our semester and comeback together after our adventurous Spring Breaks, the straw bale homes and CR interns fully take form and perform! We bear witness the results of our combined and prolonged efforts and admire at the effects of communal cohesiveness and purpose. As the straw has grown tall so too have our homes, as the straw has matured to a magnificent golden sheen so too has our team.


Our homes now begin to reflect the homeowners who will inhabit them. The past weeks the concrete bathroom floors have been poured and dyed with both vibrant flamboyant colors and earthen tones. The subfloor has been raised to height and cradles the in ground heating system. The interior skeleton is framed and rooms are taking form and creating space. Windows installed and leveled now frame and provide an interface between the exterior world and interior world we build daily. Exterior walls plastered with earthen materials now tuck in our straw bales into their new home for a long insulated rest.


“PUMP CHUT!” An intern yells at the end of the day, “Ruff” another intern replies in a growl, and thus another day and chapter of the build comes to a close. As the build has progressed the culture amongst the CR interns has developed with unique vocabulary and most peculiar habits. What are we but a tightknit culture of cyclops, wild salmons, fermentation stations, pump chuts, caffeine (and other) inebriations, band practice, group Mohawk’s, and of course erratic dance customs. Despite separate builds we remain as one, our hearts pumping with the same plasters, our lungs inhaling with the same straw particles, our bodies enriched and built out of the same labors, and our minds set upon the same goals; to finish these amazing homes. Ten weeks remain and much work is set out in front of us before our homeowners can move in to their new dwellings. Like the previous alumni we shall erect these homes and continue the tradition of community building and education.




Aaron Gibson

CR Intern Extraordinaire

Moab Spring 2015

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