Do it right, and do it well


It takes an amazing amount of foresight to build a home. A plot of land can be a blank slate- and when done with intention- transformed in to a space both functional and beautiful in form for active and healthy lives.

It’s taken a lot of mental stretching to wrap my brain around how the whole thing works- building a straw bale home from start to finish. I started 3 weeks ago with little to no building experience and now finding myself versed in preparing and setting up a building site and ready to pour a concrete foundation. It feels empowering and impressive to harness the world of natural building into something tangible sitting in front of us. I am finally beginning to understand that every task is planned. Every part of the foundation of our structure has everything to do with how the roof fits on- how the frames of the wall sit- where the door lays, how the sun shines. Shortcuts taken now inevitably add on exponentially more work later on.

We could all take a lesson from the natural building process: In order to reap the rewards of living intentionally you must have your hat tipped to the future-Anticipate what it may hold- have the right tools hanging off your belt. Try not to get ahead of yourself- Do it right, and do it well.

Melissa Graciosa
Student Intern
2015 Spring Moab

(photo credit: James Larson and Jessica Manderfield)






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