Red rock, demolition, and Moab

Red rock, demolition, and Moab; and thus the spring 2015 season of Community Rebuilds began. Interns have descended from across state and national lines to the harsh and exceptionally beautiful landscape of Southern Utah. As diverse as the regions in which we inhabit, sixteen unique strangers have come together with different ideals and lifestyles. We organize for common goals; to build two homes and community in five months.
In the land of deep canyons, overhanging arches, ancient junipers and tumbling brush, the first week has been a whirlwind of activity, philosophies, and enchantment. We have demolished a double-wide trailer and leveled the Earth to begin our creation of straw, as well as nurture our principles and bodies in hard crimson soil. The disorder and clumsiness of the first few days has fallen away with the dropping of the dilapidated habitation. We have leveled boards, nailed posts, and built forms to build a solid foundation. From here we create music, cultivate friendships, and of course build homes. Like the Juniper we are inspired by, we will defy the odds and complement the desert with our composition. May we grow deep in our roots here, cultivate seeds of change, and reach for ever greater heights along the way…

Aaron Gibson
Community Rebuilds
Student Intern 2015
Moab, Utah

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