Patchwork Process

(Written by Jake Egelhoff)   One can’t escape metaphor while building a house. Houses are many things. They are nests. They’re forts, shelters, and caves. They can be personified. They can be skeletons. They can be cosmic. They can be like writing an essay, or starting a family. They can be an animal, or a … Continue reading

Two foundations!

It’s the middle of week three and the build sites have been buzzing non-stop with activity. As of yesterday, foundations for both homes are poured and setting up. Next stop: Frame Town.  

Getting There

Trying to sum up the significance of our first week at Community Rebuilds is something like trying to catch a hundred fireflies in under a minute. As I look back and reflect on the past few days, I see too many highlights, too many illuminating thoughts, concepts, and moments to focus on just one. Day … Continue reading