In-floor Radiance

Here is a great example of an aspect of a CR home that benefits both homeowners, student-interns and the whole community. In-floor, or “radiant” heating provides an allergen-free method to heat the home. Currently, our adobe floors perform so well with our passive solar design that some CR homeowners have reported rarely turning their heat on at all. When the heating system is activated, flexible tubes buried below the adobe floor fill with hot water. The giant thermal mass that is the adobe floor then warms and slowly releases that warmth over the course of several hours. Our homes generally use significantly less energy during the Winter because of this system thereby reducing the burden  on our limited supply of fossil fuels.

Though this is not a new method of heating, it is becoming more and more popular. After having installed this system once, our interns are able to emerge into the world of professional building with this highly valuable skill.


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