Today was Exterior Plaster Day 1 of Many. It was an intensive build-up in preparation for today (setting windows and doors, hanging tar paper and lath, and otherwise attending to minor details). To keep it simple, here are a few images of the process of bringing earth to walls.

All Room For Form

“Now, what shall we call this new sort of gazing house That has opened in our town where people sit Quietly and pour out their glancing Like light, like answering?” Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi   Another week of shifts. Space is shaped within shape and the abstraction of form without obvious function sheds its indiscernability … Continue reading

22 Is The New 18

Chairman Mao Tse-tung holds a nefarious place in history. His reign holds the distinction of creating the largest death toll attributed to any government administration in history. He ruled China during a particularly turbulent social time and played a pivotal role in the Chinese Communist Revolution. Though dark clouds obscure his legacy, a few bright … Continue reading

All In All, It’s Just Another Bale In The Wall*

*I know. It was Bale Week on Duschesne. Beginning last Friday our crew took chainsaws to straw, shearing the sheer for our home’s namesake material: the straw bale walls. Notches were cut, angles shaped (then shaped again, then again, then…), gaps stuffed, and lessons learned in this our first full-on, hands-on encounter with straw bale … Continue reading

We’re Still Building A House

We are still here. Somewhere in here. Yes; there we are. We are. Now… It has been a whirlwind week with the whole crew on board ferrying along a slew of projects as we approach next week’s straw bale installation. The dozen some-odd of us have sparred with flashing, both base and roof, wrestled with … Continue reading