Adobe Floor Quickreel: All In A Day’s Work


1 Adobe Floor = Several Parts (Locally Sourced) Soil + Loose Straw (Agricultural Byproduct) + Water (“To Taste”)

Stir. Sprinkle in 120 Human-Hours. (Mix. Load. ‘Barrow. Drop. Trowel. Level. Repeat.) Set to dry.

Note: The clay in the soil binds the sediment into a structure durable to compression. The laced straw provides additional strength in tension. The water slops to shaping. The labor rewards itself.

We’ve buried our week’s work in soil and toil. Plumbing, radiant heating, sheer walls; all are set in Friday’s adobe, dormant yet immediate as the build continues. The house emerges in phantom: a bathroom here, a shower to be, a door unhung and windows framed (pathways to the outside still now reaching in), the underlines of walls, of spaces to come– all suggestions of the lives which will inhabit this home. Between rooms and through the years. Something less invisible now rising up.

Great work everybody.

001004 007 013 016 019 021 029 033 035 039 044 055 058 062 067

2 Responses to “Adobe Floor Quickreel: All In A Day’s Work”
  1. doug nichols says:

    Nice photo time lapse Jeremy !

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