Walls Make Rooms

The living room!

The living room!

Yesterday we returned to work after a week-long Spring break and picked up right where we left off – defining the interior spaces of our house. The week before break we were busy surfacing our interior walls. We primarily used drywall since we were able to salvage a lot from the trash pile at another jobsite, but we also did a bit of lath (small wooden strips for plastering on) and filled our shipping-palate wall with light-clay-straw so that we can plaster it.

Stacks of salvaged drywall.

Stacks of salvaged drywall.

The palates in the wall are stabilized vertically by 2×4 posts between each palate column and horizontally by 1×8 planks that connect adjacent palates. We filled the hollow wall with straw lightly coated in a watery-clay (aka slip) so that we can plaster on the surface of the palates without all the plaster falling into the interior. The light-clay-straw also serves as sound insulation between the master bedroom and the living room.

The palate wall.

The palate wall.

All clean and neat. Notice the palate wall has been infilled.

The inside all clean and neat. Notice the palate wall has been infilled.

No more walking through walls for us! We have only 6 more weeks left in our build schedule and a lot to do. This week we are plastering our interior walls, so come by if you want to help or check out the house!

And another fun photo for good measure. Happy Spring!


One Response to “Walls Make Rooms”
  1. Eddy Winko says:

    Looking good, great use of pallets; now i know what to do with the pile we have πŸ™‚

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