A Solid Foundation

On Friday afternoon we poured the concrete for the final section of the foundations. It was incredible to see the site transform over the course of the week; gradually shifting from an amorphous trench, to somewhere that looks like a house might want to sit someday.

Eric’s original schedule had us finishing the foundations next Tuesday, so we are feeling fairly pleased with our work-pace. More exciting than how much we got done in our first week of work, is how much we have learned. Over the past week we have gotten to grips with a number of new tools and techniques. We all had a turn behind the controls of the back-hoe, got to play with the solar pathfinder, and used the transit to measure elevation so many times that we can now do it in our sleep (well, almost). Most surprising of all, we discovered that our middle-school math teachers were right all along – there actually are real-world applications for Pythagorus’s Theorem.

Despite long days at the job site, we have all found a bit of time to explore Moab. Between the eight of us this week we have played some pick-up basketball, tried out a community yoga class, been introduced to the awesome roadside climbing on Potash Road, and taken out library cards. And, of course, all of us have made at least one trip to WabiSabi, a non-profit thrift store and Community Rebuild’s official partner.

The more I see of Moab, and the more local people I meet, the more I realize that the house we are building will sit on top of another kind of foundation, even more resilient than concrete. The support that CR gets from the community is a crucial part of making this organization work. WabiSabi distributes their profits among the many local non-profit organizations, including CR, and donates a lot of the items that we will need for our internship. The less tangible sources of support – such as the enthusiastic welcome we get when people find out we are the new CR interns – are just as important, and have made our first week in Moab a really positive experience. We are all very much looking forward to the next four months.

Intern Kristen takes a moment on the gravel mound...

Intern Kristen takes a moment on the gravel mound…

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Reblogged this on Positively Permaculture and commented:

    Over the next four months I will have the privilege of blogging for Community Rebuilds, an affordable housing non-profit in Moab, Utah. I am one of eight folks that make up the Spring 2013 team of interns, an eclectic and enthusiastic bunch comprised of six Americans, a Canadian and, me, the Brit. Under the supervision of our instructor Eric Plourde and his apprentice Kate Heath, we will be building a straw bale home here in Moab (with strategic oversight and donuts provided by founder and executive director Emily Niehaus). I will be re-blogging my contributions here to help spread the word about the great work that Community Rebuilds does in promoting sustainable building…

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