Building Materials as Food (for Thought)

This week has been all about the details: gable siding, fascia, soffit, flashing. In some ways it has been quite satisfying, like putting sprinkles on a cupcake. Except these sprinkles need to be beveled at exactly 45 degrees, and weigh significantly more than objects that I normally like to hold above my head with one … Continue reading

What’s in a frame?

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. This week we will be discussing framing – no, not picture framing – good old fashioned house framing. Last week, in a 3-day work week shortened by an informative “Solar Photovoltaic” (read: solar panel) workshop and a day spent doing touch-up work on last semester’s strawbale house, we framed our … Continue reading

A Solid Foundation

On Friday afternoon we poured the concrete for the final section of the foundations. It was incredible to see the site transform over the course of the week; gradually shifting from an amorphous trench, to somewhere that looks like a house might want to sit someday. Eric’s original schedule had us finishing the foundations next … Continue reading

New interns for Spring 2013!

Hello to everyone who loves, likes, or tolerates Community Rebuilds enough to check up on the ol’ blog! Much anticipated first meetings have been had between the Community Rebuilds staff and a bunch of groovy people/natural building enthusiasts who are CR’s Spring 2013 building interns. We, the Spring 2013 building interns, trickled in on Thursday … Continue reading