All done!

This is a bit late on the posting… lets say we have all been very busy!

We finished up the house on Friday 30th, then all the interns scattered themselves around the world.

It has been an incredible journey. It’s crazy to think back to when there was nothing on the site except a load of cat poop!
With each passing week the house has developed, from bits of lumber joined together, to a giant shed like structure. Internal walls created living spaces, plaster added tactility and colour. It suddenly became an actual house to me when the cabinets, electrical sockets and light fittings went in.

4 months of fun, learning & doing have flown by!

An unbelievably big thanks go to Eric, Kate, Jessica & Emily.
Words cannot really describe how grateful I am that you put in so much time and effort to create, run & constantly refine such a worthy program.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to document this build


SJH_3556 SJH_3491 SJH_3485 SJH_3496 SJH_3506 SJH_3516 SJH_3528 SJH_3533 SJH_3544 SJH_3546

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