House update! (long overdue)

It’s been a hectic few weeks since the last house update, big changes have happened. As well, we have been very busy with extra curricular activities that I will endeavor to update you this week! The exterior plaster coat  (scratched to allow the next layer of plaster, lime this time, to key into the first … Continue reading


Last week we received a fascinating presentation from David Woodman and Roger Borgenicht from Assist Inc, about disabled and elderly access design in housing. We learned about minimum distances for wheelchair maneuverability, how you can retrofit a house to be wheelchair accessible and what the key points of designing for disability are. Did you know … Continue reading

ISBC – International Straw Builders Conference – Reflections

From September 16 – 22, 2012 in Estes Park, Colorado, straw builders from around the globe gathered for the International Straw Builders Conference. This was exceptionally timed for the fall builders, meaning that we could attend as part of our Community Rebuilds internship. We fundraised like crazy, selling cinnamon buns, hosting a ‘big lebowski’ party … Continue reading

Plastering – layer one… of many

We spend the majority of last week preparing our bales for their first coat of earthen plaster. The seemingly endless tasks included, adding lathe wherever wood meets bale, putting tar-paper over all timbers that would receive plaster (a Utah code) cleaning up and chinking gaps between bales, adding a plaster stop to the top of … Continue reading