The great floor pour!

The last couple of weeks have been all about getting the floor down.

This has included two finish concrete pours for the bathrooms and about 700 sq feet of base pour Adobe!

After bringing up the floor height with gravel, we installed foam insulation.
Frustrating forms to hold the bathroom floors were erected and radiant floor tubes were then installed.

Radiant floor is 96% efficient and an excellent way to heat our adobe floors in the winter.

The final concrete truck to arrive on site, pours into the master bathroom.

The concrete is screed to get it perfectly flat

and then troweled… troweled again, left for a little while, then troweled again (and again)

once the water evaporates, we can get in and trowel this again to get it flatter and smoother

The finished guest bathroom floor and radiant tubes installed

So many pipes!

The adobe floor is poured. 4 inches of a sand, clay & straw mix


The final team closes out the floor. It’s been a long day and beers are on the way!

One Response to “The great floor pour!”
  1. Jen says:

    Am I missing pictures somehow?

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